Missile Launch Facility - Martinez Construction Company

Project Description

Client:   NAVFAC Southwest
Location:   San Nicolas Island, CA
Value: $2.2M

Martinez Construction Services was the lead design firm for this design/build project and provided in-house civil and structural engineering.  The project consisted of the design and construction of a new missile launch facility at Rock Crusher Point on the island and the renovation of an existing hangar for use as a Payload Assembly Area for the launch vehicles.  The work was completed under an extremely tight design and construction schedule.  The remote nature of the island required careful planning between the design and construction portions of the team.  The exposed nature of the site also required design considerations for corrosion of the concrete and steel components. The Payload Assembly Area is a lab / tech room to be used for assembly and testing of the launch vehicles’ electronics and tracking systems.  The room was designed to accommodate the clean nature of the work and to provide adequate ventilation and lighting for the technicians using the facility.